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Avi Berman: Attempts of a Mathematician to do Research in Maths Education. Thurs. 5 Feb. 2009, LKL

I’m hosting Professor Avi Berman for a talk at the LKL next week:

Avi Berman: Attempts of a Mathematician to do Research in Maths Education

Thursday 5 February 2009, 12:30pm – 2:00pm
LKL large seminar hall

The effects of teaching linear algebra involving technology-enabled feedback on pedagogical development of lecturers and on conceptual understanding of their students.

Because of logistic constraints and a long-term tradition, large-group frontal lecturing is the main form of teaching undergraduate mathematics. Unfortunately, the traditional lecture, as inspirational as it might be, does not allow many opportunities for developing students’ conceptual understanding through active learning, and supplies lecturers with limited feedback on how effective their teaching is. What the students actually learn when attending lectures remains chiefly a black box for contemporary research and little is known about the pedagogical development of university professors through lecturing. The talk will describe an effort to address this lacuna in the context of a university linear algebra course.


Avi Berman holds the Israel Pollak Academic Chair at the Technion, where he is a Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Education of Technology and Science. He also heads the Israeli Society for Promotion of and Research on Giftedness. His research interests in Mathematics are Nonnegative Matrices and Spectral Graph Theory and in Education – Mathematical Giftedness and University Teaching.

Entry is free, but we would appreciate your registration for administrative purposes:

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Mark Kramer: Reflections of a Nomadic Learner in the Age of Ubiquitous Communication, Jan. 9 @LKL

Mark Kramer, aka @MAMK, will be talking at the London Knowledge Lab on Jan. 9th:

mamk_300x287Ubiquitous communication and mixed-reality computing
scenarios are becoming commonplace and are influencing in the way in
which individuals communicate and relate with others and their
surroundings. This talk will present reflections of a nomadic learner
who is examining how existing and emerging information &
communications technologies and services are redefining formal and
informal learning scenarios.  The expected result of this talk will be
to ultimately inspire those in attendance to gain a clearer
perspective on how we are shaping the future of learning.

Mark A.M. Kramer is a mobile research fellow at the University of
Salzburg. At present, Mark is conducting his doctoral study in which
he is examining the present state of how individuals and groups learn
and is attempting to provide an empirically sound forecast of the
future of learning within the time frame of 2015.

WORKING DOCTORAL THESIS TITLE:   Pervasive Learning: Forecasting the
Future of Individual and Collaborative Learning within an Age of
Ubiquitous Communication

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