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Call for contributions: Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium and mobiLearnFest, Bristol, 6th – 7th March 2014

John Cook has kindly invited me to co-chair the Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium in Bristol. We thought we want a “proper” academic event, but also want to have some fun and challenge some practices. For example, do you also feel slightly amused when someone stands on a pulpit and shows a powerpoint about mobile collaborative learning? So we thought we’ll include a “mobiLearnFest” element in the event, which will take the symposium out to the streets. To make it even more interesting, we’re experimenting with an open review model for this element of the symposium.

Deadline is Jan. 5th, for a 1000 word abstract.

Oh, and John has also promised (threatened?) to play a live punk rock gig!

The Ideas in Mobile Learning symposium invites papers around the broad themes of ‘innovation, creativity and sustainability’ for mobile learning. However, we have a strong preference that papers address at least one of the following three trends of mobile learning state-of-the-art research (click here for details):

  • Focus on new patterns of connected social learning and work-based practices.
  • Focus on designing for ‘mobile learning’ at scale.
  • Focus on the boundaries of learning that the ‘m’ in m-learning forces us to explore.

The symposium is a research off-shoot of the successful workshop ‘Towards sustainable mobile learning scenarios’ held in Bristol 9th-10th October, 2013. Requested contributions should offer any combination of conceptual, critical, design, empirical, theoretical or experimental work that relates in some way to the symposium’s broad themes and/or the three trends. Places are limited to 40 participants in order to enable a single track event where engaging, interdisciplinary conversational threads will be centre stage.

mobiLearnFest is part of the “Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium, 6th – 7th March 2014, Watershed, Bristol UK. It is an experimental, interactive, hands-on, open session which aims to give participants an opportunity to experience the ideas discussed at the Symposium and engage the general public in our conversation.

mobiLearnFest will showcase a selected number of mobile learning innovations and studies. Submission and selection of these works is completely open – see details below.

mobiLearnFest consists of three phases:

  • Demo sprint selected teams will have 150 seconds to present their work to the Symposium.
  • Mobile experiences each team will provide a mobile learning experience in the surrounding area, which would offer Symposium participants as well as the general public the oppurtunity to engage with their technology, ideas or research findings.
  • Collaborative reflection Symposium participants will reconvene to share their experiences, and consider emerging themes and questions.

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